Selecting The Right Clinic For The Best Chance Of An Androgenetic Alopecia Cure

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Selecting The Right Hair Treatment Clinic

Selecting the right clinic is crucial in receiving superior hair restoration surgery. Whether the surgery will be a success or failure depends on the experience of the clinic. So, be meticulous about choosing the clinic for your Androgenetic Alopecia Cure.
Parameters to find the right clinic
  • The source of the information - Analyze the source from where you came to know about the clinic. Check whether it was from the yellow pages, Internet, or a personal recommendation? A personal recommendation from someone you know and trust is more credible than advertisements.
  • The time the clinic has been in the business - Check for how long the clinic has been in business. A clinic which has been in business for a few years is usually more dependable than a new one.
  • The reputation of the clinic - Check the clinic's reputation in the field of androgenetic alopecia cure. Try to find out details from people who have had hair transplantation done from the same clinic and collect their feedback.
  • The clinic's reputation in the business and legal arena - Inquire about the clinic's reputation in the business and legal arena. Check whether there is any lawsuit filed against the clinic by any customer.
  • The surgeon's qualification and experience- Check whether the clinic's surgeon has appropriate qualifications and experience. Also, try to find out whether he or she is a member of any relevant professional organizations or societies, like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS). Membership of such an organization does not guarantee the quality of the surgeon. Nevertheless, it implies some expertise in the field.
  • Your personal compatibility with the surgeon - Do you feel personal compatibility with the surgeon? You will have a relatively close relationship with him, particularly if you have multiple hair transplant sessions. So you must feel comfortable with him.
  • Venue of the clinic - The venue of the clinic may be a good indicator of its professional status. Check whether it is in a standalone building or whether it is run from the back office of a larger dermatology clinic. It may be a matter of concern if the clinic's office is a rented one, and is not connected with any medical establishment. What does a small operation with limited or no permanent location mean? That it is harder to monitor or difficult to contact if things go wrong.
  • Were you pressurized to sign up for the hair transplant? It is a negative sign if the clinic pressurizes you to sign up for the hair transplant. It signifies that the clinic is more interested about its profit and less interested in your hair.