Hair Growth Stimulators Are Very Important In The Treatment Of Hair Loss.

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Hair Growth Stimulating Agents

There are a number of hair growth stimulating agents that are effective in treatment for hair loss. Together, these agents form a significant part of the Androgenetic Alopecia Cure procedure.

These stimulators have a wide array of agents ranging from herbal supplements to growth stimulating drugs. An effective use of these products can ensure all of them to be very fruitful.

The prominent hair growth stimulators are as follows
Topical Oxygen Free Radical Scavengers
Topical oxygen free radical scavengers possess enormous potential for hair growth stimulation.
For example one may refer to superoxide dismutase (SOD). This enzyme inhibits radicals and may inhibit a localized immune response implicated in hair loss. It can thus offset damage and inflammation.

Herbal supplements
There are various herbal supplements that are effective hair growth stimulants. They are frequently used in treatment for hair loss and they can deliver good results. These herbal supplements include saw palmetto, borage oil, green tea extract, grape seeds, apple skin, licorice, Ayurvedic Antistress Tea, etc.

The herbal supplements prevent hair loss and help hair growth in various ways. For example, green tea extracts help prevent male pattern baldness by hampering testosterone conversion to DHT. Apple skin has procyanidins that actively promote hair growth.

The herbal supplements are highly fruitful as hair growth stimulators. They are successful natural substitutes for artificial growth stimulating agents.
Minoxidil is a direct hair growth stimulator. This pharmaceutical compound is approved as a treatment for hair loss under the brand name Rogaine. However, it can also be found in several generic products.

Minoxidil's mode of action is unclear. But it apparently prolongs the growing phase in the hair growth cycle. It enlarges follicles and causes follicles to grow. Discontinuing use of Minoxidil causes re-grown hair to fall out.

This growth stimulator is relatively more successful in the case of young men. It also works well in the case of men with recent-onset hair loss.
Copper Peptides
Peptides are small pieces of proteins - building blocks from which most living tissue is derived. Copper peptides are the factors with an affinity for bonding tightly with copper.

The copper peptides are applied topically in solution and this shortens the resting phase of hairs. This causes more hair follicles on the scalp being in the growing phase. Copper peptides likely work by destroying superoxide. The latter is an antagonist to Nitric Oxide (NO), the natural equivalent of Minoxidil.

Direct application of specific blue copper peptides in affected areas can stimulate hair growth in dormant hair follicles. It stops the hair loss and baldness process and facilitates thick and healthy hair growth.
Combination Therapy
Combination Therapy is the process of ensuring full and healthy hair re-growth by combining treatments that work synergistically.

The process involves combining anti-androgens, anti fungal agents, oxygen free-radical inhibitors, and other direct hair growth stimulators. It prevents hair loss and fosters hair re-growth.

Thus it is evident that the hair growth stimulators play a key role in treatment for hair loss. They highly facilitate effective and faster hair restoration. Their proper utilization ensures fruitful endeavor to prevent androgenetic alopecia.